Dream House — Energy Plus 5.0 House

Energy Plus 5.0 House is elaborately designed exterior appearance and interior layout, and are built of new-type energy-saving and environment-friendly green materials, instead of high energy consumption materials, seeking to perfect match between the materials and the architecture in every detail. Additionally, Energy Plus 5.0 House is green, ecologic and intelligent house which fully embodies the integration of effective energy utilization with networking and intellectualization.

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Energy Plus System

Based on energy planning, monitoring, statistics and analysis as well as the management of key energy-consuming equipment, this system enables house owners to accurately know about energy generation, consumption and storage of their houses. The system can display energy consumption data, photovoltaic power generation data, wind power generation data, ground source heat pump data etc. of the house. The battery, with capacity of 24 kw/h, can provide the house with electricity consumption for 3-4 days.
  • Solar Photovoltaic System

    The house is equipped with 29 pieces of photovoltaic modules; the total power is 7.54kw, and the daily power generation capacity is about 24 kw·h. The sample house can generate electricity for its own use, with the rest for grid connection, thereby achieving high-efficiency energy use.

    Bio-gas System

    The single-family-based domestic bio-gas system is used to supply the gas used for cooking. The septic tank has a volume of 8 m³ and daily gas generation capacity of 1.2 m³.

  • Ground Source Heat Pump System

    The indoor temperature is kept constant from 22℃ to 25℃ . The ground heat pump system is adopted for cooling and heating the house. The cooling power is 31.2 kw while the heating power is 35 kw. The system features good refrigerating and heating effects, low power consumption and a high energy efficiency ratio.

    Photovoltaic Carport & Charging Pile

    There are photovoltaic generation carports and AC charging piles outdoors. The carport roof is equipped with 9 pieces of photovoltaic modules with generation power of 2.34 kw and daily power generation capacity of 8 kw·h.

  • Domestic Wind Power System

    The vertical-axis maglev-type wind turbine is adopted, with the starting threshold of wind velocity being 2m/s, wind turbine power of 1 kw and daily power generation capacity of about 2 kw·h; moreover, a battery energy storage system is used, with all generated power for self use.

    Wind/PV Hybrid Street
    Lamp Lighting System

    A wind/PV hybrid lighting system is provided outdoors, with the wind turbine power of 400w and the street lamp power of 80w. The lamps can be on and off automatically based on the outdoor brightness. With the daily power generation capacity of 1.3 kw·h, the system can provide lighting for 3-4 days.

  • Solar Thermal System

    The house is equipped with the panel –type solar thermal collector, and the circulating pump starts and stops automatically based on the water temperature difference. With 2 solar thermal panels and a 200L water tank, the system can provide all hot water required by the house.

    Rainwater Collection System

    A rainwater collection well is provided outdoors, which collects rainwater mainly for watering the garden in front of the house, washing vehicles, etc.

Smart Home System

The smart home system of Energy Plus 5.0 House has multiple settings which can be switched over in an intelligent manner as required and realizes one-button operation, thus enabling people to fully experience the comfortable life provided by modern high technology. People can operate the system through panel control, cellphones control and ipads control.
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